3 Essential Shoe Care products during Monsoon

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Monsoons have knocked on the door in the country. Fresh rain brings much-needed respite to summer heat, but the new season demands high care for regular-wear Leather. Muddy splashes and wet shoes make it a hard time for shoe lovers. However, you can be smart with your shoe care choices and by-products that work as a magic wound for monsoon shoe troubles.

Here are our top 3 products for Monsoon:


Shoe Protection

The thing about Monsoon is that you can never be sure when it will rain. The met offices’ predictions don’t always go right, do they? Therefore, Shoe Protection from Monsoon becomes essential rather than working in the aftermath of rains.

Shoe Protector Spray is a water-repellent spray that protects shoes or any absorbent fabric from water, any liquid, mud splashes, etc. This will make a protective layer on your shoes and not let the rainwater or any accidental spills stain your shoes. In addition, the formula of this spray is non-toxic, which means they do not harm the natural texture of your Leather or your sneaker, for that matter. Shoe Protector spray lasts for 4 weeks; however, it always depends on how much you have been exposed to rain. Therefore, it will be our PRO tip to top the coat after every shower to ensure the coating is strong enough for the entire monsoon season.
Now, the most critical question is about shoe protectors. Does it only work on Leather or even on sneakers?


Adding a shoe protector spray to your monsoon shoe care routine is a must. However, if you have missed this step and the monsoon damage is already done, we are here to guide you to the next step. Rains and mud can damage the leather quality; it can remove the shine leaving behind sturdy marks and damaging the leather texture.


PRO Renew Leather Cream
Renew Multi-Color Renew Lotion
PRO Renew Multi-Color Renew Lotion

These two products work like magic on old, worn-off, and damaged Leather. The high-pigmentated formula of these shoe polish creams comes from natural resources and high-quality wax made in a water-emulsion formula that penetrates straight into the pores of Leather. These Leather renew cream/lotion works in 3-steps. Clean, Nourish, and Care. If you want to learn about the cleaning and renewing ritual of Leather in detail, please read our blog here Best 5 Leather Care Products for your Leather Boots. (propremiumcare.com)

Quick Fix

Monsoon is full of surprise splashes (Pun intended) that often come right before an important meeting. If you are stuck in the same situation where you have an essential appointment to attend, and your shoes have got a muddy splash, we would recommend having a spare cloth and an instant shoe shiner.

PRO Shine Self Shine

Instant shiners are a quick fix and a savior for situations like these. They instantly refresh the colours and give bright dressing to shoes allowing you to make a confident entry always. The rain is here, and with it comes a whole new set of challenges for your shoes. Whether you’re dealing with muddy splashes or just trying to keep your shoes from getting soaked through, we’ve got the products to help. Check out our list of three innovative shoe products for monsoon care, and be sure to keep your feet happy all season long!

Finding clever monsoon hacks for clean shoes makes daily chores much more straightforward. You do not have to hate rain because it will damage your shoes. Practice our monsoon hacks with these 3 intelligent shoe care products to get perfectly shining footwear even in the pouring rain.

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