An Ultimate Sunday Shoe Care Routine

Shoe Care Routine

The shoe care Routine should not be missed even on Sundays. We all know Sunday is a great day to have some time for yourself, relax, and enjoy life as it comes with less stress than usual. So why not spend the afternoon cleaning your favorite pair of shoes effortlessly? A little pampering can help you feel more refreshed! After all, who wants to wear dirty or broken-down sneakers during their commute on Monday morning?

Shoes can be a particular chore to keep clean, and they require quite a bit of maintenance. However, modern-day shoe care products have helped with this problem; now, it is easy for you to buy one type of shoe cleaner that will take care of your needs as far as shining shoes or getting them spotless without any chemicals. In addition, shoes shine like new after just one day’s worth of product use, which means you’ll only have a pocket-friendly shoe care regime to make sure your shoes look new and fresh!

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Formal Shoe Cleaning Must Be a Part of Your Shoe Care Routine!

Office life can be a distraction from the necessities of the shoe care routine. However, it is essential to keep your formal shoes in perfect condition for more extended periods and avoid any damage during long-term use. Shoes must also maintain their shine after being worn for extended periods without rest or maintenance—for example, when going straight from work to an event where you need them again the following day.

Shoe Clean Gel-like PRO Clean Perfect Clean Gel is perfect for leather shoes. There are a lot of leather cleaners in the market today. But, unfortunately, most people have to use more than one cleaner to get all their work done. But not with The PRO Perfect Clean Gel! This product is suitable for any finished soft, smooth, and patent leather; it conditions them with a mild and pleasant fragrance; removes tough stains without changing the natural character of the leather shoes.


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Steps to Follow in Daily Shoe Care Routine

Step 1: Take a clean cloth to remove dust. Take off the shoelaces for perfect cleaning.

Step 2: Apply shoe cleaning wax all over the shoe and let them dry

Step 3: Use warm water and shoe shampoo mixture to clean shoelaces separately.

Step 4: Remove the extra gel and apply a shoe shiner PRO Shine Quick Shine or PRO Shoe Color cream to provide a perfect shine and natural bright color to your leather shoes.

shoe cleaning steps for formal shoes

Sneaker Cleaning Should Be A Part of Shoe Care Routine

Keeping your sneakers and shoes clean can reduce the risk of athlete’s foot and other fungal infections. It also minimizes odors from sweat or dirt that may accumulate in them over time. The Sneaker Cleaning Kit of PRO has products for easy cleaning of your sneaker and sports shoes as well as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal shoe deo to keep the shoes fresh every time it is being used.

Using shoe shampoo is perfect to clean sneakers without damaging the fabric and losing the life of your shoes. Machine wash is a go-to choice for sneaker cleaning, however, it damages the fabric of your sneakers losing the quality of life too.

Step 1: Press the bottle of shampoo to spread foam all over the shoes.

Step 2: Use the small brush to spread the shampoo evenly, and start rubbing the shoes with the brush with light hands.

Step 3: Wipe off the excessive shampoo from the shoes with the help of a clean cloth.

Step 4: Let the shoes dry

shoe cleaning steps for formal shoes
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You can read more about how to clean your white shoes in our blog here How to keep white shoes clean and white?


Why is the Sunday Shoe Care Routine Important?

It can be complicated to start a new routine, especially when it comes to shoe care routine but it is worth the effort. Rituals and practices are essential as they provide us with an anchor in our lives. In addition, they help surface memories from past experiences that we might not otherwise remember or teach us how to do specific previously unfamiliar tasks (such as getting back into work mode).

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