Suede Shoe Cleaning Guide for Winters

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How to clean suede shoes in winter?

Winter is out, and so are your suedes. Be it suede boots or suede jackets, they are both a fashion statement and a winter must. Though it is a huge win-win during winters, it does demand a lot of care. From salt stains to dark scuffs and dried-out leather, your winter boots are likely to take a beating this season. And, thus comes an important question How to clean suede shoes in winter?

We have a few tricks and tips ready in this blog regarding Clean suede shoes that can help answer this question for you.

Remove Salt Stains with White Vinegar and Water

Salt stains and those pesky white rings on shoes are inevitable side effects of winter. But, you can remove them from leather boots with a simple homemade fix. Simply mix one part water with two parts vinegar and rub it into the shoe’s exterior until the stain disappears. Pat boots with a soft cloth and let them air dry, keeping them away from heat sources that can make leather brittle. For suede boots, start by removing loose dirt with a brush and then lightly dabbing on the solution until the exterior is clean.

Or else, if you want a ready-made formula to Clean suede shoes, PRO Suede Nubuck Cleaner is a go-to choice. Simply apply the foam to a cloth and damp it on dirty suede; its natural formula will brush away any dirt, or stain without damaging its colour or fabric.

remove stain with vinegar

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Restore Dry Leather with Leather Conditioner

Using vinegar regularly on your shoes can help remove stains but it tends to dry out leather quickly as well. Stainless leather without its natural nap is no good, is it? So, how can one renew leather?

PRO Renew Leather Lotion is your answer to restoring dry leather. This Leather conditioner is to be used when you’ve removed any stains, you’ll want to follow up with a leather conditioner. This will help revive cracked leather and restore some of its original sheens.

Be Cautious with Suede

For all non-salt-related stains, you can skip the wet solution and simply use an eraser. 2 in 1 nubuck cleaner rubber gum used in this product works like an eraser for stubborn stains. And, it also comes with a sponge that effectively removes dust and restores the snap of leather. If the nap of the suede is flattened, rub a clean toothbrush or terry cloth vigorously over the exterior.

Banish Odour with Essential Oils to Clean Suede Shoes

It is not always about exterior looks, how you feel inside that shoe is also very important. Thanks to everyday mileage, it’s no secret your feet can get sweaty inside boots and cause them to smell. To neutralize odours, pour a teaspoon of baking soda into boots and let it sit overnight. Once this is done, pour out the baking soda and follow up with a few drops of essential oils for an especially fresh scent.

Erase Scuffs with Baking Soda To Clean Suede Shoes

Need a kitchen fix for your dirty suedes? Want to erase black marks from leather shoes? Simply dip a soft cloth in water, then baking soda, and gently rub the cloth on the shoes. If you’re dealing with rubber boots, use a stronger treatment of kitchen scouring powder to get them spotless. Once the shoes are clean, wipe them off with a damp cloth and buff dry.

use baking soda to clean suede shoes

Prevent Future Damage with a Water-Repellent Spray

If you want to be vigilant before the weather does damage to your shoes water-repellent spray such as PRO Protect Hydro-Shield is your magic tool. This way you can save yourself the hassle of combating weather-related stains by prepping your boots with a water-repellent coating. This should be applied directly after cleaning. For salt stains, in particular, remember to act fast as soon as you’re indoors. Before your shoes dry off, lightly dampen them with a wet sponge and fill them with newspaper to help them retain their shape.

These tips should be enough to save your suede this winter. If you want to learn more about caring about your leather in winters read this blog here PRO Protect Hydro-Shield 

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