How To Get the Most Out of Your Cedar Shoe Tree: Tips from a Shoe Expert

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You have your cleaning, hydrating, shoe polishing ritual in place, but still, you are not a gentleman, till you do not owe the cedar shoe tree for your leather shoes or boots.

Leather is the priced luxury that needs love and care like a true possession. Now, it is no hidden secret that shoes are made to be worn but what is natural, is the wear and tear of those shoes by regular use.

While they need to be properly taken care of if they’re desired to last. One way or the other, it is going to show signs of ageing.

Certain areas of the shoe will be tilted more than others, courtesy of your natural feet pressure. The only way to avoid that using a cedar shoe tree straight after use.

A cedar shoe tree not only keeps your shoes in the perfect shape for years and years, but it also prevents odours and helps stretch out your shoes. Here are some professional tips on shoe trees that can be a great start to your shoe tree purchase.

There are many different types of shoe trees available to store shoes that keep them in their original shape. They can be made out of natural wood Shoe Trees, beechwood, cedar, lotus tree, and plastic, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

Plastic shoe trees are cheaper to get, but they do not do 100% role of a shoe tree. They do provide the shape of your shoes, but they do not take out any dampness, or moisture or provide any smell to your shoe.

While cedar wood Shoe Trees and lotus wood shoe trees are a complete package, the natural high-quality wood extracted from Cedar and Lotus wood is a great choice. As it’s light and will absorb any moisture to prevent bacterial or fungal growth. It also has a pleasant aroma that will freshen up your shoes.

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PRO Tip: Look for unfinished shoe trees as finished shoe trees won’t have the same absorbing effect.   

Buying Cedar Shoe Tree Online and Offline!

Cedar shoe tree is the perfect accessory for your shoes. They should be large enough to stretch out the shoe without compressing it, and you should always try one out in your shoe before purchasing it.

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If purchasing online, read through the exchange policy on the website. Checkout 100% natural cedar wood shoe tree here Shoe Care

Shapes of Cedar Shoe Tree

There is a range of types of shoe trees: spring shoe trees, full-toe, lasted and advanced.

Spring shoe trees only come with toes and with a knob on the heel. They are cheaper, but they don’t have the full shape of a foot, so they might deform your footwear.

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We have a full-toe shoe tree, this shoe tree has a fixed heel, but a movable toe box designed to fit any kind of shoe. The advanced shoe tree is one of the rarest and most expensive forms of shoe tree designed to be adaptable to the shape of your feet.

They also come with ventilation slots on the toe to completely vanish out the moisture from your shoe.

How to Insert a Cedar Shoe Tree?

Once you have been wearing your shoes for a long time, it is a good idea to put shoe trees in them. We recommend leaving them in for at least 24 hours.

Ideally, it would be great to have a shoe tree for all of your shoes. But if you only have a few pairs, you can put them into the shoes that you wear most often.

Directions for use:

– Place them inside your leather or canvas shoes immediately after taking them off and before putting them away.

– Let the shape of the shoe tree soak into the shape of your shoes.

– Always use a new set of shoe trees when switching between two pairs of shoes that

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