PRO Clean – An organic cleaner for your Shoes

No (Sham) Poo on your shoe!

Have you been using traditional shampoos on your shoes and see your shoes decay! These chemically laced shampoos full of sulfates are designed to give you short-term results but hurting your shoes beyond repair in the process!

Do you heart pain when you see your expensive dear shoes are getting ruined for seemingly no reason and all your efforts, time and money in maintaining them going to waste!

So, I recommend no more poo on your shoe! It’s actually ‘yuck’.

You may ask then should I not clean my shoes to maintain them? No no no…. the answer is with a great brand called PRO. PRO has created harmless, water-based solutions for all your shoe-care needs.

And it includes their shampoo ‘PRO Clean’, an organic cleaner for your shoes. This product not only cleans your product, it provides the following benefits:

1) doesn’t harm them

2) It nourishes the skin of your shoes, whether it’s Leather, Suede, Nubuk or Cloth!

3) Penetrates deep inside to keep them soft and supple.

See, so many benefits while you clean your shoes…. So Sham‘poo’ no longer! PRO Clean your shoes!

They deserve it!