5 Shoe Care Tips for Best-Selling Summer Shoe Styles

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The increasing temperature, heat wave, and glazing sun mark the beginning of the summer season. With the temperature rising, it is imperative to swap your boots and closed-toe shoes for more breathable and lightweight options. Choosing the right summer shoe is highly essential to ensure you maintain your look in style with utmost comfort. Summer shoe styles are available in different styles and designs. They are designed with a specific purpose, taking into consideration the harsh climate and requirements of the masses. In this blog, we are going to cover the top 5 summer shoe styles and some tips and tricks that can help you with your shoe care:

1. Sandals - A Footwear that Requires Daily Shoe Care


Sandals are the quintessential summer shoes. They are always in vogue and comfortable, too. The lightweight footwear is perfect for warm weather. Sandals are available in various designs and styles. From flip-flops, gladiator sandals, and single-strap sandals, you can choose from an array of options based on the different occasions.

Using appropriate products for shoe care from PRO Premium can be highly lucrative. It can help you maintain your sandals optimally and increase their shelf life. Using shoe cleaners and conditioners can remove the dirt and grime from your shoes. It can also nourish the fabric of your shoes and help you get rid of the harsh stains effortlessly. The shoe care products are specifically drafted, taking into consideration the shoe care essentials. They help keep your sandals soft, supple, and in good condition. Thus, you can be summer-ready and rock the floor in the blazing sun with the right summer sandals. A must-have in your shoe assemblage!

2. Sneakers – Calls For Effective Shoe Care

Sneakers are not just for sports; they are also trendy summer shoes. Sneakers are highly versatile and can be paired with almost any type of outfit. From shorts to dresses to beach wear, you can flaunt your style with trendy sneaker styles. Summer sneakers are comfortable to wear and are available in various design options, such as low-top, high-top, lace-on, without laces, and much more. You can also opt for quirky and impressive prints to set you apart from the rest and be the style icon.

However, when it comes to taking care of the sneakers, you must be highly attentive and focused. You should take the necessary steps to keep them dry, fresh, and clean. One of the primary things that one must follow as a routine is to wipe them with a damp cloth every time after wearing them. Removing dirt and sweat can enable one to maintain the aesthetics and sturdiness of their sneakers. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove the stubborn stains.

Storing your sneakers in a cool and dry place helps you keep your shoes away from direct sunlight. Sneaker cleaning kits for shoe care can also help in cleaning the sneakers optimally and retain their shine and gleam. The easily available sneaker cleaning wipes can enable you to meticulously and quickly clean your sneakers. Moreover, if you are a sneakerhead and want to efficiently take care of your sneaker, then using sneaker protector sprays and sneaker shields can be highly useful. Now adorn your beloved summer look and be ready to steal the spotlight with the perfect summer sneakers!


3. Espadrilles – Requires Mandatory Shoe Care


Espadrilles are the perfect summer shoes for those who want comfort and style. They look absolutely stylish and premium-looking. Their availability in various designs, prints, and patterns makes them apt for summer. From flats to wedges, you can choose the most suitable espadrilles to make the most of your summer outdoor expeditions and trips. The lightweight nature of espadrilles and their breathable fabric give them a classic edge.

In summer, the sweating is profuse, damaging your shoe insole. Thus, after wearing the espadrilles, you must wipe them thoroughly with the shoe cleaning wipes to remove stains, dirt, and sweat. Moreover, to protect the fabric and material of espadrilles, you must use shoe care kits, shoe shiners, and shoe waterproofing spray. The products act as a shield and form a layer on your shoes. It can not only protect your shoes from direct sunlight but also waterproof them. Now begin the summer adventure without worrying about comfort with professional shoe care products.

4. Boat Shoes – Footwear That Needs Shoe Care

Boat shoes are perfect for summer outings, especially if you plan to spend time near the water. They are comfortable, versatile, and come in various designs, from classic leather to modern canvas. These shoes are ideal for both casual and semi-formal occasions. Boat shoes are highly trending due to their quirky style, fine print, and amazing fit and comfort. These shoes go with almost all kinds of attire. They are ultra-chic and the perfect summer companion.

When it comes to taking care of boat shoes or any other summer shoes, you must remember to avoid moisture at all times. Your shoes should not have any traces of sweat or moisture. They must be all dry. You must carefully store your shoes after wearing them. Placing them in the box with the shoe tree can enable you to maintain the shape of the same and avoid cracking. You must also use shoe shampoos, shoe conditioners, shoe protectors, and other shoe care products to maintain the shine of your shoes. In the summer, take extra care of your shoes by using protector sprays to protect them from UV rays and increase their durability.

Boat Shoes

5. Mules – Footwear That Calls For A Mandate Shoe Care


Mules are the perfect summer shoes for those who want luxury and style in one package. The easy-to-slip-on shoes are simple and convenient to carry. They are available in a variety of design and style options. From flat to heeled, you can adorn them for semi-formal and casual occasions. Mules are super-stylish and go seamlessly with almost all kinds of outfits.

To clean and maintain the mules, you must use a soft-bristled brush to remove stubborn dirt or stains. Using premium shoe care products and kits can be highly useful to maintain them and increase their life. Shoe shampoos and conditioners from PRO Premium can condition the mules from within and ensure they are soft. Using a shoe tree can enable one to keep the shape of the mule intact.


Summer shoes are essential for staying comfortable and stylish during the warm months. With different styles and designs, it is essential to take proper care of them to ensure they last for a long time. Using appropriate and quality shoe care products can be highly lucrative. It can enable you to maintain your summer shoes as well as ensure the harsh climate does not cause any harm to them at any time. It is imperative to invest wisely and opt for the finest shoe care products to get the desired results and get the most out of the summer! After all, summer shoes require some extra comfort and care!

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