Is it worth Investing in a new pair of shoe tree for sneakers?

shoe tree for sneakers

Nothing compares to the feel-good factor of buying new sneakers. That novel fabric fragrance, that exquisite branding, and such an eye-catching styled colour. But think of it, how many of us decide to buy a shoe tree for sneakers?

If stats are to be relied upon, The Luxury Footwear segment in India is estimated to grow by 3.85% by 2027, accounting for a market volume of Rs. 41 Billion.

Well, we all love premium footwear, right? 

And those are worthy investments. 

But think again! Are they?

While things look immaculate on the first day, your sneakers’ soul departs to the land of the dead in just a few months.

The reason for it-poor storage and care.

The reason for it-poor storage and care

Storing your sneakers always presents a dilemma, with the need to minimize space and keep them looking fresh. And not everyone has those big large wooden shoe racks. This causes creases in the leather, scratches on the surfaces, tearing of the knitting, marks of dust, and whatnot.

So what is the solution?

We have two words for you- Shoe Tree.

Needless to say, Investing in a shoe tree for sneakers can have an even bigger impact on the life of your shoes and wallet. In this article, we’ll talk about why buying a pair of Shoe tree for sneakers is well worth it! Learn more about the benefits of these eco-friendly shoe forms to see if they’re worth adding to your shopping list.

A shoe Tree for sneakers… Really?

When you explore the Pro Premium website, you may come across those foot-alike wooden items. Well, What is that?

The question is quite obvious.

A shoe tree is not a tree that grows shoes. It might be, yes, in a world of dreams, but not in ours.

A Shoe tree for sneakers is basically a device shaped like a foot placed inside a shoe. The primary function is to maintain the structure of the shoes intact. But there is more than your eye can see. The Shoe tree for sneakers helps keep off the creases and keep the leather long-lasting.

A shoe Tree for sneakers… Really?

A Shoe tree for sneakers -A Luxury or a necessity?

The Design Described

When you buy a costly pair of sneakers, you are, in a way, boasting of style, a fashion statement, and, most importantly, a high stature. Yes, you have invested grand in your footwear. Why leave things to chance? To that end, a shoe tree for sneakers seems like a necessity for sure.

Sneaker culture in India is at an all-time high. The revenue in the sneakers segment amounts to US$2.46bn in 2022, and the market is expected to grow annually by 8.93% (CAGR 2022-2027).

Hence, the short answer is Yes. You should definitely use a shoe tree for sneakers. In fact, you need them for sure. For the finest dress shoes, using shoe trees consistently will help maintain the originality of your shoes, protecting the fabric and keeping the structure as good as new. Shoe trees will also pull out the moisture and combat bad odours.

Shoe trees are pure nostalgia. 

Once you start using them, there is no going back. The magic happens when you carefully remove them from your favourite shoe, only to see how well they have protected the pair. And when you put them back in, you are assured that your sneakers are being taken care of, not just practically, but ethically too.

Shoe tree for Sneakers- do they really work?

Many of you already know how shoe tree shoes are good for leather. But can they do any good for your sneakers? For sure, they can.

Listen up, “sneakerheads”; shoe trees can solve the problems of shoe storage and care for you.

In recent years, we have seen the sneaker market take a flying boost. They are now an important part of fashion, not to mention collector’s items too. They are in their own category. Rightfully so. If you invest in good pairs, you will need shoe trees for proper care. The cedar wood shoe tree works magic for sneakers.

Firstly, the creases that we often experience in sneakers can be kept at bay. Secondly, sneakers get bad odours quite easily. Let your shoe tree for sneakers absorb it all. Thirdly, you can even use the shoe trees to enlarge the sneaker fit. Since shoe trees in India have customizable shapes, you can use them to widen a tight sneaker.

Shoe Tree for Sneakers – The Design Described

A split forefoot and a rounded heel segment that resembles a real human foot are features of the three-piece design of the highest quality shoe trees. The heel part is frequently absent from cheaper shoe trees (or travel shoe trees) in favour of a straightforward rounded end. The rounded end isn’t the best because it can increase pressure on one area of the heel, causing stretching or deformity.

Pro Shoe Trees

Why the Pro Premium Company is the right brand for shoe accessories?

The Types of Shoe T ree for Sneakers Explained

As with every product in the market, shoe trees for footwear come in various types. Though the style may be the same, the major difference can be seen in the material uses.

Plastic versus Wood

Wood is the chosen material for shoe trees since it holds the shape of the shoe while also assisting in moisture removal. The most popular form of wood is Cedar because it has a pleasant fragrance and removes moisture more effectively than other wood types.

Because it is less expensive and heavier than wood, plastic is occasionally used to make shoe trees. Plastic travel shoe trees are frequently used since it is lighter than metal. On the downside, due to the short lifespan of these shoe trees, weight savings were sacrificed. Also, plastic shoe trees are not worthy of removing odours as compared to their wooden counterparts.

Other Woods vs Cedar

Due to its capacity to absorb moisture, Cedar makes up the majority of shoe trees, but other species of wood are also available (like beechwood). Steer clear of everything but Cedar. Avoid using shoe trees that have been lacquered because the lacquer stops the wood from absorbing moisture.

Summing it up-is it worth investing in Shoe tree for sneakers?

We know you have made up your mind. Investing in a shoe tree for sneakers is worth it. But you need to choose the one that suits your shoe type, personality, and budget. There are plenty of options to peek into.

But if you wish to go for consideration, you won’t regret going for the Pro Care Premium Cedar Shoe tree. After your purchase, we are sure you would probably think- why didn’t you choose it before?

The company comprises shoe care creams, protectors, polish creams, and many more made with the latest technologies. This is indeed the right brand for shoe accessories, combining the best technology and quality to provide magnificent products. The accessories of Pro Premium Company are in an affordable price range for Indians. You can invest in items that will take care of your shoes for you if you want to take good care of your priceless leather footwear.

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