Sneaker Care Kit – How to keep your sneakers like new?

Sneaker care kit

Be it a special occasion, a sporty, a dressy, or just a casual outfit, our trusty old sneakers are always by your side, right? Just lace them up, and you’re ready to go. But are you caring about your go-to pair of sneakers rightly?
Each day your shoes are exposed to more dust and dirt. They’re going to turn dirty gradually, even if you’re the most cautious. Chances are that your premium quality branded sneakers may not last as long as you expected or spent on them. This is why Sneaker care for your premium quality shoes is so important to keep them new, fresh, and shiny.

Why a sneaker care kit is needed?

This product is a basic necessity for any formal shoes on your shoe rack. It is a self-shining product infused with silicon oil to give instant mirror shine to your shoes. Silicon oil is one chemical in shoe polishes that brings an instant glow to your leathers without much effort. It comes with a high-quality sponge applicator that can be used to quickly apply silicone oil without leaving any streaks or marks behind, giving you an elegant finish in just minutes! You don’t need anything else but this bad boy when it comes time to spruce up those old kicks from years past – trust me: no one will even notice how tired they’ve been feeling.

How to clean white sneakers?

White sneakers cleaning

White sneakers are a statement always and chances are you may have spent a good deal on a pair. But keeping your white kicks clean is a real struggle. With the right sneaker care kit, it’s easy.

clean white sneakers

Here are some steps:

  • Start with removing the inner sole and shoelaces. The laces would need separate washing later.
  • Fill in your shoes with newspapers or old rags to maintain the shoe shape throughout.
  • Start with brushing off loose dirt with a toothbrush. You can also stick to using the shoe brush from the Pro Sneaker care kit that evenly removes all dust and mud.
  • Once the dry dirt is off, it’s time to use your cleansing products and scrub off the stains. Rinse your shoes with water to prep them for cleaning.
  • Baking soda and detergent are a good mix for white sneaker cleaning. The Pro clean shoe shampoo is perfect for all stains, even on whites. Scrub it in small circular motions along the sneaker with your brush.
  • You can go more than one round of scrubbing the stains as per the requirement. Once you’re happy with the scrubbing, you can rinse off with cold water.
  • Rinse and scrub your laces with the same steps and this should be easier
  • Dry them in an airy space without direct sunlight and ensure to keep them stuffed. Once your sneakers are dry, you’re good to go.

How to clean White Sneakers at home?

clean White Sneakers at home

The Pro sneaker care kit comes with the easiest products to help keep your white sneakers sparkling and fresh. You can try out several other methods at home.

  • The old hack of 1 part baking soda with 1.5 parts detergent is a charm. Evenly apply this mixture and scrub it gently to get rid of the stains.
  • Baking soda with vinegar is a combination that helps fight the stains on white. This also works with baking soda and water/hydrogen peroxide.
  • Gel-based toothpaste is also known to work great for leather or canvas sneaker cleaning.
  • Micellar water also works equally magically on shoe stains as on makeup removal. Dampen your cloth and give it a little scrub to find out.


However, not all of these techniques are fool-proof. Chances are some of these mixtures can turn out a little harsh on your luxury sneakers. The harsh chemicals can hamper the color or look of the shoe. This is where the Pro Premium Sneaker care kit takes over home remedies. It’s quick, easy, and trustworthy.
When it comes to sneaker cleaning, you can count on the Pro Sneaker care kit to keep your fancy sneakers fresh and new always.

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