Leather Shoe Care Tips – Ways To Take Care of Shoes

leather Shoe care tips

Leather shoe care tips for Winters!

Feeling the nip in the weather?

There is surely a drop-down in the weather, giving major winter vibes.

The usual winter ritual of taking woollens out of the closet for some much-needed air and sun is already making rounds on the terraces.

But, what about shoe care in winter?

Are some sun-soaking enough to bring life back to boxed-up leather?

Certainly, not so! Then, what is the proper winter shoe care ritual? We are here to help with the best leather shoe care tips.


The secret way to Renew your leather!

A good suede protectors spray like best suede and nubuck protector can be your best friend all through winter. It is an easy-to-use shoe care product with excellent results in suede and leather care.

What is best about this suede protector is that it is specially made for tropical climates, it renovates the suede colour bringing a fresh lease of life to it. These protectors are also great at repelling dirt which is a big concern in countries like India.

Now, if you are really digging up that closet to find a favourite pair of leather jackets that lost their lives, a leather renew cream like PRO Renew Leather Cream can be of immense help!

These shoe polish creams are specially manufactured for leather products to renew leather life instantly. It works in three steps to cleanse, nourish, and renew leather products like brand-new ones with a glossy finish. The best part about this leather renew cream is that it can be used on any colour leather product.

PRO Tip: Apply a  fresh coat renew cream evenly on the worn-out leather product, leave it for 10 minutes, and then buff it with Horsehair brush PRO Accessories Horse Hair Brush

How to Renew Your Leather with the Help of Leather Shoe Care Tips?

Here are 4-easy steps to renew your leather this winter:

  • Clean your leather with a gentle leather cleaner
  • Apply a leather renewal cream
  • Use a suede/leather protector spray
  • Apply wax/gel onto leather regularly

Now, that we have talked about renewing the leather, it becomes important we learn regular shoe care with the help of leather shoe care tips for leather shoes, boots, and jackets that can attain dust, dirt, and stains all through winter wearing.


Your Daily winter fix of shoe care – One of the most Effective leather shoe care tips

A foam-based suede and nubuck cleaner can be extremely useful if you are a leather lover. PRO Suede Nubuck Cleaner

These foaming cleansers are specially formulated to easily clean stains, grease, and other difficult-to-remove dirt. The foam-based formulations are the preferred choice for leather care as it does not alter the colour of the leather chemically.

For a quick fix, 2 in 1 nubuck cleaner can be a perfect match. This innovative 2-in-1 sponge plus eraser is time-saving daily shoe care. The sponge helps remove dust, and its rubber gum help removes the stubborn stain with ease therefore, it is our go-to pick for winter shoe care.

If you are not a shoe care geek yet want some good shoe care product that makes you put any effort into leather care, then Clean Gel is your answer! This clean gel is made for all smooth leathers and breathable membranes.

Be it sunny winter afternoons or cosy winter nights, this time of the year is a perfect excuse to flaunt your leather. Take a cue from our leather shoe care tips and leather care range to make sure that this season your leather is making a lasting statement.

PRO Tip: Leather is a one-time investment that needs care, not re-purchase!

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