The Comprehensive know-it-all Wooden Shoe Tree Guide!

Wooden Shoe tree

You found a pair of pristine boots that were hanging on a shoe rack, but when you got them home, they were all scuffed up. Why? The reason is that you don’t have a wooden shoe tree at home to keep your much-loved shoes in good shape.

What is a Wooden Shoe Tree, and why do I need them?

A wooden shoe tree is a shoe accessory in the shape of a foot designed to be placed inside your shoe to keep the shape of the shoe intact and remove any foul odour from the shoe that might come due to regular wear.

Now, why do I need a wooden shoe tree?

This is a common question when looking for a shoe tree. Why do I need them? Well, won’t just the shoe retain its shape when I will wear them?

But, when you are spending INR 7000-10000 on a shoe, boot, particularly leather shoe, you would want them to have a good life.

And, for that shoe tree comes into the picture. The main job of a wooden shoe tree is to keep the shape of the shoe intact without bringing creases to the leather when not in use. Secondly, wearing leather shoes all day, especially in a tropical country like India, your shoes catch up with odours.

Shoe Trees are made up of cedar and lotus wood which takes away the moisture released from sweat and brings a fresh, natural odour to them.

Two reasons you must have a wooden shoe tree:

  • To prolong the life of expensive leather shoes by retaining their shape
  • Take away moisture from leather shoes and bring a fresh, natural smell

Which shoe tree is best for me?

100% natural wood shoe tree is the best choice in shoe tree; however, there are options of plastic shoe trees also available in the market. Natural Wooden shoe trees offer a much more sustainable shape to your shoe, with a natural fragrance taking away the moisture from the leather. Thus, making them a perfect choice for premium quality leather shoes.

Plastic shoe trees are also a good option considering if you are a shoe collector and require plenty of shoe trees to fill up the shoe shape of multiple shoes.

The shape of the shoe is another defining factor in selecting your shoe tree. Formal leather shoes come in a certain shoe shape, which will require a shoe tree in the same shape. Other times boots will require a certain length to fit in the demand of shoe shape.

Travel Shoe Tree

If you are a frequent traveller, particularly a business traveller, you want to put your best foot forward quite literally. But, in demand of baggage limits and various other logistic arrangements, plastic shoe trees with narrow are a perfect choice. These weigh less and are quite affordable, which makes them easily replaceable. Any travel mishap breaking the shoe tree will not be quite heavy on the pocket.

Wooden Shoe Tree for Heels!

Shoe Tree often considering a man’s accessory until used for winter boots. However, high heels such as stilettoes, and pumps require as much of shape support as formal men’s shoes. Considering the requirement, there is a spring shoe tree available. These come with a spiral handle to fit into the arch of the heel, these are quite lightweight and perfect for travelling.

The wooden Shoe Tree is like a secret weapon to make your shoe life longer and more durable. They are worth the investment when you have splurged on a premium shoe. Shoe Trees also become important when travelling. Shoe dusters will not do the trick in fact cause more damage to the shape of the shoe, creating them irreparably. You can check out Shoe Care – Propremiumcare – PRO Premium Care for all your shoe care needs.

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