Why leather care?

Leather is skin. And like your skin – it’s tough but still fragile and needs protection and care.

Leather Shoe Care

Unlike your skin – which is alive and receives nourishment from the body – the leather on your shoes only receives
the nourishment that you provide externally. It can easily dry out, over-absorb water and get damaged in numerous ways. Daily
wear and tear takes a toll on your shoes even if they are of the highest quality.

Leather Care

A good leather polish and conditioner are designed to be readily absorbed and nourish/restore flexibility of the fibers
present in the leather. This is important since leather is both flexible and durable. If the leather loses its natural oil and
moisture, its flexibility and fibrous interweave weakens. It’ll start cracking and will eventually break down. Once this
happens you cannot restore it back. And that’s why regular care is extremely important.

Shoe Polish

Good leather care products prevent this breakdown and make shoes last longer as the leather has been properly preserved.
From Stylish Loafers to Elegant Oxfords, Dapper Derbies to Bold Brogues, each of these timeless beauties need a good care.
They need to be maintained with the use of best-in-class cleaning, moisturizing, refreshing and color restoration products
specially designed and formulated to suit the needs of leather.

Leather Prodcuts

So, a little bit of care is all you need and your shoes will help you steal the show!