How to clean white sneakers and keep them white?

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Sneaker Care Kit – Why It is Mandatory To Clean White Sneakers?

White shoes are the best, but they’re also the hardest to keep clean. Whether you just got them out of that shopping bag or you’ve had them for a year, your white shoes will inevitably get dirty. There are some simple ways to maintain those white shoes and keep them looking pristine. In this blog post, we show you how to clean your white shoes with Sneaker Care Kit from Pro Premium Care.

Which are the best products to clean white sneaker shoes?

It has long been a staple among gamers to chuck their sneakers into the washing machine and call it good. But, as we know, this is not only bad for the fabric of the shoe, but it also reduces the life of your much-loved and pocket-heavy sneakers.
Machine washing can lead to overstretching of fabric, tearing, and loss of colour pigmentation. Not to mention that machine washing can reduce the lifespan of your sneakers by about 25%. Yikes! So, how should you wash your shoes?
PRO Shoe Cleaning Shampoo is the answer to your dirty sneakers. PRO shoe shampoo is an eco-friendly cleaner that is free of any harmful chemicals and abrasives, and safe to use on sneakers of varied materials like suede, leather mesh, fabric, knit, textile, and furniture. It will remove dirt, grease, and oil stains while leaving behind a fresh scent.
The best part about PRO Cleaning Shampoo in Sneaker Care Kit is it is designed to be safe for all coloured leather fabrics and textiles, so it’s perfect for any type of upholstery! Sneaker Care kit is another perfect option to get it all sorted in one go. PRO sneaker care kit includes a shoe shampoo that’s effective on all kinds of dirt, a deodorizing spray that fights fungi and bacteria build-up, and a brush to apply the shampoo evenly on shoes. We’ve also included a cloth to remove the dust and dirt.
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How To Clean White Shoes With Sneaker Care Kit?

If you’re someone who loves to wear white shoes no matter what the weather, but you’re unsure of how to clean them, we have some helpful advice. The best way to clean white shoes is by using a stain-removing spray in a sneaker care kit. Particularly PRO White Shoe Cleaner. PRO White Shoe Cleaner has a special formula with high-covering pigment that will revive your white leather and restore its original colour. The shoe cleaner also protects the leather from dirt and water, giving it much-needed nourishment. You can buff the shoe for a shiny finish, or simply spray it on and walk away!
Alternatively, if you want to go the traditional way. You will need a pair of rubber gloves, an old toothbrush, and some white vinegar. Combine the three ingredients in a bowl and mix. Now, use this mixture to remove stains from the fabric.

Tips to keep white sneakers/shoes clean with a sneaker care kit:

Everyone knows that white shoes are a nightmare to keep clean. From the mud and dirt on the bottom to the inevitable stains from your morning coffee, there’s just no hiding it. However, we being the PRO of the shoe care industry, have found certain tips handy to keep your prestigious white sneakers clean.
  • For minor stains like mud or grass, brushing it off with a wet cloth should do the trick.
  • Grease stains can be removed by rubbing detergent into the stained area and then rinsing it off in warm water–repeat until the grease is gone!
  • Avoid wearing wet socks with white shoes or any shoes as they will bring a smell to your shoes.
Shoes can be a luxury. But keeping them clean can be an art form. These tips can help keep your white sneakers looking like new so you don’t have to buy another pair just because the dirt from the first one was too much to handle.