How to maintain your expensive shoe wardrobe

How to take care of your leather shoes?

Let’s examine steps to take a good care of your leather shoes.

Leather is like human skin, it needs special care to remain soft, shiny, long-lasting and crack-free. Regular polishing gives suppleness and elasticity to leather along with protection from moisture. Your costliest leather needsmore care.

.Let’s look at the practices of usage and storage to take care of your expensive shoe wardrobe;

Proper putting on and taking off shoes. Always use Pro Shoe Tongue.

A shoe needs regular breaks in wearing, you must own multiple shoes and keep rotating them to elongate their life and looks

Use shoe shapers for storage of the shoe, this protects the shoe from being mutilated

Once you follow the above steps your shoes will last long, be comfortable to wear and maintain elegant looks.

Now lets look at the tools that one can use to maintain shoes in impeccable condition. The process of shoe conditioning and shining requires 5 basic tools.

Caveat- Do not use substandard tools on your dear shoe collection

Shoe Brush

Most used and very essential tool for brushing away dust and applying polish to your shoes. Chose a brush for the quality of its bristles and change the brush if bristles worn out. Pro offers a wide range of high-quality shoe brushes to choose from.

Leather Cleaner

The most ignored product for a shoe. A good cleaner makes your shoe skin breathe, keeps it healthy, shining and crack-free. A good cleaner maintains your shoe by removing dirt, stains as well as old crack. As it’s a chemical that goes into your shoe, it must be free from acidic content and Pro range of cleaners are subtle on your shoe while cleaning it. click the product link to check Pro shoe leather cleaner.

Shoe Conditioner

Conditioners moisturize a shoe that keep your leather from drying out and cracking, keeping it supple for your feet Choose your conditioner for its lightness for absorption into the leather skin. Pro has a range of high-quality conditioners to choose from. Please click the link below to check Pro shoe conditioner range.

Shoe Polish

Don’t use your polish as a staple product, it is one product that is applied highest on your shoe and its quality decides the life and shine of your shoe. There are various types of polishes.

Wax based polish are for creating perfect shine and Cream base for maintaining its colour. Using a highquality polish is a MUST; a not to be ignored product.

Pro has a range of Shoe polish to choose from.

Shoe Trees

Penny Wise Pound Foolish, an idiom most suited when comes to use of Shoe Trees. A small investment on this tool redefines the care of your shoe. These are used for keeping your shoes in shape and absorbing moisture. Pro shoe tree is an excellent choice to make.

The shine of your shoes can transform your outfit, whether it’s for a job interview or a friend’s wedding, the shoe shine shows that you’re well-kept. Pro Shoe care products are one of my favorite because of their high quality and results. It is highly recommended by and for shoe lovers.

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