Is a shoe cleaning kit really worth the hype?

Shoe Cleaning Kit

Forrest Gump once said “My mama always said you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, where they are going, where they have been”. And we can’t agree more to this. 

Shoes are a crucial element of a gentleman’s ensemble. Therefore it becomes necessary to follow a shoe care regime to maintain their pristine appeal. That’s why Shoe Cleaning Kit tools & kits are considered as an investment. 

In this read, we will be discussing why you need a shoe for cleaning it, do’s & don’ts of shoe cleaning & also how to buy a perfect shoe cleaning kit for your shoes. 

Why do you need shoe cleaning kits?

shoe cleaning kits

Picture this: your favourite pair of sneakers or leather shoes have seen better days, &  they are depicting the stories of yesterday’s adventures. 

Now you have two choices: either wash them at home with the same detergent solutions or brushes you use at your home for clothes which will increase the chances of ruining their delicate surface. 

Or get them cleaned by a professional which eventually costs you a decent amount of money.

Got stressed, right! 

Well, don’t worry! For shoe enthusiasts just like you, an effective shoe cleaning kit comes to rescue. 

What to avoid while shoe cleaning?

While the allure of a clean pair of shoes is irresistible, there are common pitfalls to avoid during the shoe cleaning process. We’re sharing some of them below:

  • Avoid putting your shoes in the washing machine or dryer; the aggressive spinning and heat can lead to irreversible damage.
  • Don’t forget to waterproof your shoes, especially in rainy or snowy weather, to shield them from potential water damage.
  • Different shoe materials require specific shoe cleaners. Avoid using a shoe cleaner meant for one type of material on another, as it may cause damage.
avoid while shoe cleaning

How do I properly perform cleaning my shoes?

properly perform cleaning my shoes

When you have the right tools on your side, the task becomes easy. To perform a perfect shoe cleaning regime follow these steps in which we also addressed different types of shoes: 

Prepare Your Shoes:

  • Remove laces and insoles for a thorough cleaning.
  • Use a shoehorn to maintain the shoe’s structure.

Clean Leather Shoes:

  • Mix water with a bit of shoe cleaner for a gentle solution.
  • Gently scrub in circular motions, focusing on dirt-prone areas.
  • Rinse off excess solution and let the shoes air dry.

Clean Suede/Nubuck Shoes:

  • Use a stiff brush to remove dirt.
  • Brush in one direction to restore the nap.
  • For tough stains, try a suede eraser or cleaner.
  • Brush again for a uniform look.

Enjoy your fresh, clean kicks! 

Are all shoe cleaners the same?

As there are different shoes made of different kinds of material, so do the shoe cleaners. There is a distinct type of shoe cleaner present in the market which is especially designed for suede, sneakers & leather shoes. 

Using another shoe cleaner may cause repulsion & damage the shoe surface. Therefore it’s advised only to use the shoe cleaners that are especially designed to address the sole purpose. Before applying the shoe cleaner, make sure to read its labels & specifications to avoid unwanted damage.

Are all shoe cleaners the same

What to look for before buying a shoe cleaning kit?

buying a shoe cleaning kit

Now once you understand the significance of an effective shoe cleaning kit, you surely want to purchase one. There are numerous options available which may overwhelm your decision. 

Here’s a little help you can consider while purchasing the perfect shoe cleaning kit :

  • Shoe cleaning essentials

There are certain tools which are a luxury such as different sizes of brush for each purpose but there are certain essential tools whose absence in a shoe cleaning kit can’t be compromised such as :  a shoe cleaner, shoe brush, shoe sponge or cloth & additional items such as shoe deodorizer or conditioners may act as a bonus.

  • Constitutions 
  • You should be aware about the components of the shoe cleaner & the types of brushes to make sure that it’s designed for your shoe material preferences. 
  • Reputation of the Brand
  • Only choose the  reputable brands or products ensuring they have positive testimonials of past customers to ensure effectiveness and safety for your own shoes.
  • Storage and Portability

If you are a travel enthusiast just like us, then a portable shoe cleaning kit may save you from a lot of hassle. The shoe cleaning kit with a storage not only helps to organise each component but it also eliminates the extra spills & leakages.

By paying attention to these factors, you can choose a shoe cleaning kit that meets your cleaning preferences and keeps your footwear in top-notch condition. You may also check PRO shoe cleaning kit combo as it matches all of the four criteria. 


In the quest for spotless shoes, a shoe cleaning kit proves to be more than just a passing trend—it’s a necessity. From avoiding common pitfalls to choosing the right cleaner for the job, the journey to immaculate footwear is paved with the right tools.

So, is a shoe cleaning kit worth the hype? Absolutely. Elevate your shoe game, make a statement with your footwear, and let the world see you at your best—one impeccably cleaned step at a time.

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