3 reasons to Buy Shoe Cream for Immaculate Shoe Care

Shoe cream

Shoes that are well-cared for, work as a durable business card for the wearer. It is a well-known fact that shoes help you make a lasting impression. But what is the secret of maintaining your shoe without burning holes in your pocket? The answer to this question lies in quality shoe cream and good care habits. To enhance the look and feel of your beloved shoes, invest in a cream-like PRO Renew Leather Cream!

Shoe creams are not synonymous with shoe polish. The cream is thicker, richer in wax pigmentation, and adds colour to your shoes while providing the much-needed conditioning that has been lost due to regular wear and tear.

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Here are 3 reasons why you should add shoe cream to your regular leather care:


Renew Leather: It is a must-have for those who own leather shoes, boots, and bags. The shoe cream not only keeps the leather from staining but also restores it to its original color as well as prolongs their life span. Using shoe renewal cream will keep your high-end footwear looking new without having them replaced every now and then!

PRO TIP: Always clean your shoes before applying shoe cream.


Maintaining good Leather Health: Be it the tropical climate or nipping cold leather gets battered in extreme weather conditions. A good shoe cream prevents the leather from drying out, and it will keep your shoes looking healthy. Pigments and wax-based shoe cream can also rejuvenate a faded color while leaving behind a shiny, attractive sheen. Shoe creams are made with different types of waxes which give them different properties—some shine more than others; some work better in certain climates.

PRO TIP: When applying shoe cream to colored shoes, choose color-specific shoe cream to add well-defined color to your shoes.


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Leather Protection: Shoe cream not only helps maintain the natural, rich color of the leather but also renews it with nourishing oils. The wax in shoe cream provides a protective layer to combat light dumps or scuffs which often happen during day-to-day wear and tear. The natural ingredients of shoe cream are designed for different purposes – protection first and renewal second.

PRO TIP: It would be wise to use cream once a week. You can buff away the daily dust and dirt, as well as get natural shining leather with it.


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How to apply shoe cream?

Step 1: Get rid of all dust and dirt from leather with the help of a muslin cloth.

Step 2: Apply a small amount of cream with the help of an application brush PRO Accessories Application Brush

or you can even use a clean cloth.

Step 3: Wait for 1 min for the shoe cream to dry and penetrate into the leather.

Step 4: Brush your leather all over for an immediate shine


Leather is a material that needs to be cared for in order to maintain its quality and beauty. The best way of doing so would be with shoe cream, which can also help you recover from the worst accidents when it comes to your leather products. Think about all those bad spills or unfortunate scuffs! This one product alone will allow you to protect and care for your leather items without spending too much time on them afterward.

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