A Super Protecter for Your Shoes

PRO hydro shield

On my last holiday to the magical Sikkim while I was on a long walk on the mountains with my wife, I saw a school-going kid, about 6-7 years, actually playing with a shallow rain-water stream on the road. He was so much enjoying it and we enjoyed watching him play….


When was the last time you played with water… rain, wet outfield or any such thing! For me, it’s a long-gone thing, probably a promise of growing up!

Apart from the moral aspect of the whole thing, I feel what immediately comes to our mind is the concern for ruining what we wear! ‘clothes’ or ‘footwear’. Clothes we know will dry out; they regularly do! But the shoes… I buckle under the guilt of ruining my shoes when taking such a risk!

You must have seen so many people walking in the rain with their umbrella and their shoes and sandals in their hands! The same fear!

All of us wish so much about a reliable product that can help us out in this situation.

Today I am going to talk about one such product from the house of ‘PRO’. PRO has developed a range of water-based, organic and deep nourishing shoe care products, one of which is the ‘PRO Hydro Shield’ specifically made to protect your shoes in the situation I mentioned above. The beauty of the product is the effective protective layer that it creates that protects your shoe. And as the product is not made of harmless chemicals, it actually nourishes while it protects so even the life of your shoe increases while using ‘PRO Hydro Shield’.

The application is also very simple. It comes in a spray, that you have to use from approximately 20 inches apart, you have to create 2 layers of ‘PRO Hydro Shield’ on your shoes. This entire process has to be repeated every 5-6 weeks. Use it for always ‘fresh looking’ and stain-free shoes!