6-Easy Steps To Clean Your Sneakers with Shoe Cleaning Shampoo

shoe cleaning shampoo

Shoe Cleaning Shampoo – Is this Product Worthy to Use on Shoes?

We are here to guide you. Sneaker cleaning is an essential part of any sneaker junkie. Your trainers are comfortable to wear and even more comfortable to get dirty. So how do you ensure that you do not invest in new pairs every time they get dirty? The answer is no. Sneaker cleaning may look like a tedious process, but it is not quite so. You can get perfectly clean, stain-free sneakers with an easy-to-do sneaker-cleaning routine with the help of PRO Premium Care shoe-cleaning shampoo. 

Sneaker cleaning

Step 1. Remove shoelaces and insoles- Chucking your shoes directly into the washing machine is probably a bad idea, as it damages the shoe and its insoles. The first step in any shoe cleaning regime is to take off the shoelaces and insoles. If they are smelly, it might be a good idea to add baking soda or any disinfectant to them.


Step 2. Rinse the shoe with cold water to remove loose dirt- It is not a great idea to start using cleaning products like shoe cleaning shampoo as the first base to clean your sneakers. However, rinsing shoes in cold water can help loosen dirt; you may use a toothbrush to remove this dirt and take off the excess dirt and soil on sneakers with just water.


Step 3. Shoe Cleaning Shampoo- Using detergent is harmful to the fabric of sneakers; they take away the precious life of your expensive shoes. Shoe Shampoo like PRO Clean Shoe Cleaning Shampoo is an eco-friendly cleaner that is free from chemicals and abrasives. Shoe Cleaning Shampoo has multiple uses as they are suitable for materials like suede, leather, knit, and even furniture. It effectively removes oils, dirt, and grease and gives a pleasant scent to the shoes.

shoe shampoo

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Step 4. Cold Water- Immediately after using shoe cleaning shampoo and scrubbing the dirt, clean your shoes with cold water. You can use warm water as well. While cleaning, ensure you use a soft toothbrush to gently wash away the last leg of stains.


Step 5. Dry the shoe: Once you have washed your sneakers, ensure you dry them out in a well-ventilated space and do not chuck them in dryers or direct sunlight. Dryers and exposure to direct sunlight damage the sneaker’s fabric and colour texture, leaving them to look worn out rather than looking washed.


Step 6. Retain sneaker snape: Once the sneaker has dried out, stuff them up with paper towels to retain the sneaker’s shape. Do not use newspaper as it might leave ink stains behind. Or, if you want to be environmentally friendly, you can also stuff them with cotton towels.


These are 6 easy steps that can give you clean sneakers at home. Suppose you want a budget-friendly sneaker cleaning regime PRO Care Sneaker & Sports Shoe Care Kit or Shoe Cleaning Shampoo. It has got everything you need for sneaker care. 

Benefits of Shoe Cleaning Shampoo

Easy to Use

Shoe cleaning shampoo comes in a user-friendly bottle. It’s easy to apply, so you can revitalize your shoes without breaking a sweat. All you have to do is to apply the shampoo on a damp cloth, then gently rub it on your shoes. You’ll see the dirt and grime disappear in no time. You can also use a soft brush to remove stubborn stains.

Protects from Wear and Tear

Your shoes are precious investments that deserve proper care. They need protection from the elements, such as rain, mud, and dust. Shoe cleaning shampoo has a protective formula that shields your shoes from these contaminants, preventing wear and tear.

Long-Lasting Protection

Shoe cleaning shampoo provides long-lasting protection from the elements. Its water-repellent formula keeps your shoes dry even in the wettest conditions. It also prevents dirt and dust from accumulating on the surface of your shoes, keeping them cleaner for longer.

Preserves Quality and Extends Longevity

Shoe cleaning shampoo doesn’t just protect your shoes from the elements; it also helps to preserve their quality and extend their longevity. By removing dirt and grime, the shampoo prevents them from settling into your shoes and causing permanent damage. This means that your shoes will stay in excellent condition for longer, saving you money in the long run.

In conclusion, shoe-cleaning shampoo is an excellent investment that every shoe owner should consider. Its benefits go beyond cleaning; it restores colours, revives materials, protects from wear and tear, and preserves quality. If you want your shoes to look good as new or protect them from everyday wear and tear, look no further. Invest in shoe-cleaning shampoo today!

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