How to Clean White School Shoes?

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How to clean white school shoes?

Back to School?

Back to PT class?

But, not sure how to clean your white school shoes?

We are here to guide you.

White shoes and keeping them clean for your PT class are a huge part of school life.

Your teachers want to ensure you learn the discipline of arriving timely for classes with self-clean shoes and playing hard on the field.

Be it football or relay, every sport played on the ground takes a toll on the shoes. It gets rusty, stained, and worn-off, not until you have the trick to clean white shoes.

Shoe Shampoo specifically designed for white shoes makes this job easy. Very much like the PRO Shoe Shampoo, which is a very strong cleaner and also contains special pigments to remove stubborn stains easily, it does not contain any harsh chemicals which damage the texture of shoes.

Unlike the popular method of using laundry detergent on shoes, shoe shampoos are eco-friendly shoe care products that clean shoes, sneakers, trainers, sports shoes, and canvas with ease.

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What products do you need to clean white shoes?

  • Small Brush
  • Soft Cloth
  • Shoe Shampoo

A step-by-step guide to clean sneakers with shoe shampoo and other products!


Step 1: Take off the shoelaces: Make this a thumb rule, when washing shoes wash the shoelaces separately to get complete stain removal. It is one of the common mistakes to start washing the shoes without taking the laces off. Most people chuck them away in the washing machine with shoelaces which lets to unsatisfactory results and damages the quality of the shoe as well.


Step 2: Rust off the loose dirt: There is always loose dirt that can be taken off your school shoes which makes the job of cleaning shoes very easy. A dry toothbrush or big bristle brush like PRO ACCESSORIES

PRO Accessories Horse Hair Brush can be of good use to take out a generous amount of dirt away from shoes.


Step 3: Press the bottle of shoe shampoo and take out the foam onto a sponge or a soft cloth and spread it evenly on the shoes. Rinse it with the help of a shoe brush and wipe off the excessive shoe shampoo with the help of a soft cloth.

Step 4: Clean Insoles: Repeat the above step.

How to polish white leather shoes?

White leather shoes need special care, they need a special white shoe polish like PRO Naivy White which has a special formula with high covering pigments to give the best renovation onto white smooth leather shoes. to maintain a spotless white shine. Shoe shampoo can be used to clean tough stains on white leather shoes.

Shoe discipline brings an innate sense of self-respect and garners a good impression on your peers. Make sure you use these cleaning tips to clean your white shoes and read more about shoe care in our other blogs here.

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