How to use shoe shiner for different types of shoes?

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“If you want to know about a person’s personality, look at their feets!”

Shoes are an integral part of any outfit, it can either make or break the ecstasy. 

Therefore it’s important to keep your kicks in a clean & shiny state. But we all know that it’s quite difficult to maintain those brand new shine as the kicks are prone to lose their charm with the time. That’s where shoe care comes into play, a shoe care regime is well known not only to give your shoes that instant shine but it also adds up to the life of favourite kicks. But before you jump to the shoe shining part, let’s also understand some basic shoe cleaning concepts.

Therefore in this blog, we will be diving deep into some concerns that come along cleaning your & shining them with the help of shoe shiners, shoe cleaners & many other revolutionary shoe care products.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Importance of well-maintained shoes
    • Overview of shoe care benefits
  • Understanding Shoe Cleaning
    • Basics of shoe cleaning
    • Preparing your shoes for shining
  • How to Clean Your Shoes Using a Liquid Shoe Cleaner
    • Step-by-step guide to using a shoe cleaner
    • Tips for effective dirt and grime removal
  • Choosing the Right Shoe Cleaner
    • Where to buy leather shoe cleaner
    • Considerations for selecting a shoe cleaner
  • How to Use a Shoe Shiner
    • Preparing for shoe shining
    • Detailed steps to apply and enhance shoe shine
  • Conclusion
    • The role of shoes in fashion
    • Benefits of using shoe cleaners and shiners

How to clean your shoes using a liquid shoe cleaner?

How to clean your shoes using a liquid shoe cleaner?

If you are a wanderer just like me, your kicks are blessed with dirt, mud & patches from unexplored paths. But applying a shoe shiner directly to the dirty kicks, will be a waste of product. Therefore, it’s necessary to wipe them off with the unwanted dirt & grime. And for that shoe cleaner comes into rescue. Having a quality shoe cleaner solution on your side works wonders. 

Now you might be wondering how to use one? Well it’s super easy, just follow these steps

  • First add a few drops of shoe cleaner liquid into lukewarm water.
  • Remove the laces of your shoes if you have any
  • Now with the help of a scrubber or shoe brush that is idle for your shoe type apply the solution on your favourite kicks
  • Apply thoroughly on high impacted areas
  • Now with the help of a shoe towel or microfibre cloth wipe the solution off the surface
  • Clean the laces with the excessive solution
  • You are again ready to roll

Where can I buy leather shoe cleaner?

Whether using a shoe cleaner is a skill, acquiring a quality which serves the purpose is also a task in itself. In the market, there are numerous decent leather shoe cleaners available that promise to deliver that clean shoe surface. But you should always consider the application first – the kind of shoe you are going to use & the budget. When these two criteria match you can either buy the shoe cleaner directly from offline shoe retail stores or at e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart or many more while verifying the reviews & testimonials the brand is having.

Read more about variety of shoe cleaners here:

PRO’s eco-friendly leather shoe cleaner is also available on Amazon with a 4.2 star ratings. You may check it out here.

Where can I buy leather shoe cleaner?

How to use a shoe shiner?

Now your shoes are clean and fresh but something is still missing, what’s that? 

It’s the shine that faded away because of those dirt removal. So what’s the solution, don’t worry – shoe experts are here. Let’s restore it with a shoe shiner, first address the shoe type you are having like – leather, suede or canvas, then on the basis of the texture & your preference upon wax or shoe select the shoe shiner.

Now let’s wear the gloves & get started for shoe shining session

  1.  Lay down some newspaper or an old cloth at your work space to keep everything else clean as polishing shoes is a messy job.
  2. Apply the first layer of shoe shiner liquid or wax  with a circular motion & wait for them to dry.
  3. You may experience an instant clean coat, then rub them with a dry cloth to make it shine.
  4. If not satisfied, add an extra layer of shoe shiner.
  5. Here you are left with a pair of fresh & shiny kicks that are ready to take on the world.
How to use a shoe shiner?

Shoes play a major role in elevating the overall aesthetics of the outfit. Therefore it’s important to keep them fresh and shiny always. But it’s quite difficult, therefore you can take the help of various shoe cleaners, shoe shiners that are available in the market. Pro’s eco friendly shoe care range is always your side battling the fight to keep your beloved kicks to maintain that timeless charm & shiny appeal. 

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