Is white shoe polish the right choice for you?

white shoe polish

Who doesn’t love a pair of white sneakers? 

Yeah, yeah I know! Some of you are saying I am a fan of black one’s, but imagine rocking a solid jeans & white shirt with a tight sweater on a shiny winter morning. What else can get along better with the outfit than a fresh pair of white shoes just like Jordans from NIKE? While it’s easier to rock this outfit for the day, keeping it clean for the next wear might be a challenge. That’s where shoecare comes into play.

In this read, we will dive deep into the shoecare essentials such as white shoe polish, the difference between liquid shoe polish vs wax shoe polish, leather shoe polish, shoe polish cream & black shoe polish.

How to clean white shoes?

Sandals are the quintessential summer shoes. They are always in vogue and comfortable, too. The lightweight footwear is perfect for warm weather. Sandals are available in various designs and styles. From flip-flops, gladiator sandals, and single-strap sandals, you can choose from an array of options based on the different occasions.

Dirty white shoes too grab attention, but that’s not a positive gain. If you are not following a shoe care regime then you might be washing them off regularly or wiping them with a wet cloth. But there’s more  to it. Well, the first step is to clean your shoes by taking the help of a soft brush to remove the excess dirt. After that use a shoe shampoo or cleaner with a sponge & apply it to the effective areas in a circular motion, to clean the  soles you can take the help of a brush. Then wipe the effective solution with a microfibre cloth or clean sponge. 

What makes white shoes whiter?

Well, the answer is care! 

After a gentle wash session, your kicks are ready for the solvent care. You can either apply white shoe polish cream with a fine cloth or applicator brush to the shoe leather and allow it to dry for at least 30 minutes before applying a second coat. Once you’ve applied a few coats of our cream, you can polish the shoes with a gloss brush or cloth to achieve a lustrous shine.kers!

What makes white shoes whiter?

What is the difference between liquid shoe polish and wax shoe polish?

Yes, It’s true that liquid shoe polish has some pro’s, when the situation demands for a quick shoe shine, but it is always advisable to use a wax shoe polish cream to acquire the long lasting shine. It’s because the shoe polish cream not only provides deep nourishment to your favourite kicks but also protects them from water, oil & dirt.

Which polish is best for leather shoes?

Whether you’re loving Brown, Black, Tan or having pure white affairs – your loved ones too demand care. 

Therefore, investing in a quality leather shoe polish not only increases the shine of the shoe but it adds up to the life of it. Leather shoe polish cream conditions the leather, restores the original colour, & even more it adds a layer of protection against oil, dirt & water. For every leather shoe, there’s a leather shoe polish that’s purposely designed.

Which polish is best for leather shoes?

When Is the Best Time to Apply Black Shoe Polish?

When Is the Best Time to Apply Black Shoe Polish?

The best time to apply black shoe polish is when your shoes are in need of a touch-up or a shine to maintain their appearance. Ideally it takes around 15-20 minutes for a shoe polish to dry, but it’s advisable to apply the black shoe polish a night before, so that the shoe can remain idle overnight. In the meantime, the texture of shoes absorbs & allows the shoe polish cream pigments, nourishing solvents & wax to do the magic. Remember to clean your shoes before applying polish to ensure the best results. Using a shoe brush to remove dust and dirt and a damp cloth for a more thorough clean is recommended. Additionally, using a shoe tree while applying polish can help maintain the shape of the shoe and make the application process easier.

Final Verdict

There’s always a shoe polish purposefully designed for each kind of shoe. Moreover, choosing the correct one is the thing you should be concerned about. White shoe polish is specifically designed while considering the uniqueness of white range of footwear. They also contribute to the increased life span of the shoes while ensuring their shine remains consistent throughout the use. 

Remember, the best way to maintain the crisp, clean look of your shoes is to invest in high-quality shoe polish. Whether it’s for a special event or your everyday style, PRO is your trusted partner in keeping your favourite shoes in tip-top condition.

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