How to fest-ready your sneakers

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Sneaker cleaning is never to be taken lightly- they are big business. Besides being the whole shoe apart: they serve many purposes. They idolize our style, represent our personality and showcase our new trends. There is hardly anything not to like about them.

While sneakers do look a bit better when all cleaned up, there are times when they, for the sake of appearance or smell, can dip your impression. As we approach the festival of Holi, this nightmare gets closer to turning into reality. Needless to say, this is the time when your sneakers need the most care, cleaning and even pampering.

How about keeping them in a box like a showpiece? Well, you get the idea. Jokes apart, you need to make your sneakers fest-ready, practically.

So, this Holi, make sure your sneakers look as vibrant as the colours you’re splashing around. As you prepare for the festivities, don’t forget to give your trusty kicks a little extra attention. After all, they’re going to be your best companion through the celebrations. Here are some tips to help in sneaker cleaning and keeping them fresh this Holi:

Trust the Sneaker Cleaner

Trust the Sneaker Cleaner

It is a universal truth that shoes get old quickly without proper care. And this leads to all your old footwear ending up in landfills. The solution to this-keep good care of your shoes so that they can be used for a longer period of time.

Around 4 times more shoes are products on the planet more than there are people on the earth. This amounts to around 24 billion pairs produced each year. Most of these are likely to be thrown away or relegated to the backs of closets owing to wear or boredom.

The main idea is to recycle, reuse and prolong the use of your shoes. While good care can ensure the last part, the recycling and reusing aspect can be tricky. If you have damaged shoes or a pair in which you no longer have interest, you can give your shoes a new life. There are many ways to do this. Here are a few you may follow:

  • Get your shoes repaired by a reputed company
  • Colour your shoes or paint them at home
  • Change the shoe texture-like choosing suede instead of leather
  • Use proper shoe cleaning and polishing products for renewal
  • Donate your shoes to the needy and poor

Short on time? Buy Sneaker cleaning wipes

Short on time? Buy Sneaker cleaning wipes

While sneakerheads often love spending time cleaning their beloved beauties, others look forward to simple and quick-to-result solutions. If you are from the latter category, then you need to get your hands on sneaker-cleaning wipes. These are handy, can be used on the spot and are travel friendly. Whenever you witness a spot, simply use a wipe and remove the mark while it is new. The wipes

also help save time as removing older stains consume much effort and time. You may consider buying Pro Sneaker cleaning wipes as they boast of good quality manufacturing, are affordable and can be used on any sneaker. The wipes come with dual surfaces, useful for general and deep cleaning, all done in minutes. What else do you want?


Sneaker cleaning wipes are incredibly convenient and easy to use. You can carry them with you wherever you go and quickly clean your sneakers whenever they get dirty or stained.

Efficient Sneaker Cleaning

These wipes are specially formulated to remove dirt, grime, and stains from your sneakers quickly and effectively.

Gentle on the Material

Sneaker cleaning wipes are typically designed to be gentle on the material of your sneakers. They are less abrasive than traditional cleaning methods and can help to prevent damage to the material over time.


Sneaker cleaning wipes can be used on a variety of different materials, including leather, suede, and canvas.


Wipes can save you a lot of time compared to traditional cleaning methods. You don’t have to wait for the sneakers to dry, and you don’t have to spend time scrubbing them clean.

Opt for waterproofing

Holi is all about colors, water and liquids. But what if your sneaker repels water instead of embracing it? Wouldn’t that be quite magic in terms of maintenance? Make it happen by buying a good Hydro Shield or waterproofing agent. Try using the shoe waterproofing spray from Pro. The unique formulation of this product offers effective and long-lasting waterproofing on all sorts of footwear. You can even protect your shoes from dirt, oil, and colored water.

Here are a few advantages of using a Shoe waterproofing agent:

Protection against Stains

In addition to water, shoe waterproofing spray can also protect against stains caused by spills or other substances. The spray forms a barrier that prevents stains from penetrating the material, making it easier to clean and maintain the appearance of your shoes.

Long-Lasting Protection

Shoe waterproofing spray typically provides long-lasting protection against water and stains. Depending on the brand and formulation, the protective layer can last for weeks or even months, depending on how often the shoes are worn and exposed to the elements.


Shoe waterproofing spray can be used on a variety of different materials, including leather, suede, and canvas. This means that you can use the spray on all your shoes, regardless of the material.


Using a shoe waterproofing spray is incredibly convenient and easy to do. You simply need to spray the product onto the shoes and allow them to dry before wearing them.

Fight the bad odors with Sneaker Deo

Shoe deodorizers are an awesome product for anyone who wants to keep their shoes smelling fresh and clean. Not only do they eliminate unpleasant odors, but they also provide a host of other benefits that make them an essential item for any shoe lover. Firstly, shoe deodorizers are incredibly easy to use. You simply need to insert them into your shoes, and they’ll start working immediately to eliminate any odors. They’re also incredibly long-lasting, with some deodorizers lasting for weeks or even months, depending on the brand and formulation.

Consider buying the Pro Premium Sneaker Cleaning kit that contains a good quality Shoe deo. Here are the features it comes with :

  • Fights and prevent the buildup of fungi and bacteria inside your sneakers or shoes
  • Prevents bad odor while imparting a pleasant fragrance
  • Offers long-lasting freshness
  • Multi-purpose products can be used on car carpets, bags, etc.
  • Helps prevent our skin from fungal or bacterial infections

The Bottomline

Cleaning your sneakers is important. But what’s more important is keeping things ready. We hope the above tips have shed some light on ways you can avoid your sneakers from becoming a “use-and-throw” item. Follow the tips, buy the products, and make your sneakers fest-ready in a result-proven manner.

After your post-Holi cleaning is over, do not forget to use a good shoe tree to avoid creasing in your sneaker. The cedar wood shoe tree from Pro Premium will help reverse the natural creasing process while keeping your favorite kicks, FRESH.

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